The Sequel to Digger Davenport’s Mystery Adventures

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The Sequel to Digger Davenport’s Mystery Adventures

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What this Book is About

In the summer of 1979, Digger Davenport returns from college to his summer job as the Bike Cop in Port Talbot, Maine. Expecting to direct traffic and issue parking tickets, Digger finds himself caught up in mysterious events that seem connected to the town’s fabled Abenaki curse, which began when Alexander Kerr bulldozed the Abenaki burial grounds for his oceanfront estate in the early 1900s and brought mysterious illness, financial ruin, and death to the Kerr lineage. Now, “Kerr’s Curse” is the talk of the town when Tim, the family’s last surviving heir, returns to Port Talbot on a seventy-five-foot sailboat, the Performer, as part of the Upward Bound adventure program he’s been forced to join by his legal guardian, a troubled man who may not have Timothy’s best interests at heart. Join Digger and the Performer’s first mate, the brave and beautiful Kristy Riggins, as they take on the ungodly evil that threatens Tim Kerr and anyone else in its path.


“I love Jamie Bruner’s Bike Cop series. It’s authentic Maine. Anyone who has worked a summer job in a tourist town will love being transported back in this exciting thriller. Digger is a doll!”

Dorothy Walker Bush Koch

New York Times Best-Selling Author, Co-Chair at the Barbara Bush Literacy Foundation

“Bruner hooks the reader (pun intended) from the first page, weaving a tale that is part mystery, part nostalgia and sense of place. It is a wonderful story. I could smell the tide with his well-crafted sentences. Humor, lobstah, murder and summer, what else could a reader want?”

Lee Woodruff

New York Times Best-Selling Author, Contributing Reporter to CBS This Morning

“We need more Digger Davenports in this world. A fun and fast read”

Peter Schweizer

President at the Government Accountability Institute, Author of Multiple New York Times Best-Selling Books

“Attorney Bruner’s story is a compelling story of intrigue and confrontation of stereotypes. His sensitivity to matters of faith, race, and justice as they are interwoven in a thrilling plotline is a joy to read. It is a real page-turner. Move over Mr. Grisham!”

Hon. Kimberly Daniels

Florida Representative (Dem. Jacksonville), Author, and Apostle

“James shows us that nostalgia is a whole new genre! He takes us to the places we have been in our lives but hijacks us into a plot that is out of this world. A book for anyone who longs to spend summers at the seashore.”

Kathy Ostrander Roberts

Author, Realtor, and Kennebunk Historian